Germany Signs off on Paying Workers More During COVID-19 Pandemic

Alex Lambert

Germany has shown itself willing to take extreme measures to protect its citizens’ livelihoods during the pandemic. As evidence of this, consider the country recently signing off on legislation to top-up employee’s paychecks through another year. A coalition party agreed to the legislation, which also included more short-term work subsidies. …

The Benefit of Painting Wind Turbine Blades

Alex Lambert

One of the major pushes of environmentalists in recent years has been transitioning more of Europe to clean energy. Generally speaking, wind turbines are considered a very clean former of power. However, even wind turbines have an ecological impact: bird strikes. Birds hit turbines somewhat often, as their white turbine …

Warsaw Zoo to Test CBD on Elephants

Alex Lambert

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. That even applies to an elephant in the Warsaw Zoo, including a young female named Fredzia. In March, the eldest of the four elephants at the zoo, Erna, fell ill and died. Zookeepers noticed that this put a lot of stress on …

A Train from Amsterdam to London? Eurostar Launches Ambitious Project

Alex Lambert

Amsterdam and London are considered two of the most influential cities in all of Europe. However, travel to and from London has always proved somewhat complicated. England, as an island nation, is usually reached by plane. Some trains travel from England to France, and there are a few underground tunnels …

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